Technologies - Strategically Providing Customer Solutions

At the Fusion Sourcing Group, our technology strategy is built around our philosophy of “Being a Resource “…for our customers at any point in their product’s design – whether it’s on the circuit board; at the “box” level; or anywhere in between. In addition, we apply that same thinking to the customers’ business model – whether they want to specify every component on the BOM or they are looking for integrated solutions. As a result of that strategy, we have segmented our line card into distinct product areas – Electronic Component Products; Power Electronic Products; Thermal Management Products; Packaging & Interconnect Products; User Interface Products; and Embedded Systems.

In addition, we continually monitor technology trends - evaluating new, enabling technologies and manufacturers; while surveying our customers’ needs with the focus of providing a synergistic, complete, and relevant product offering.


Electronic Components

Within the Electronic Component Technology sector, we represent leading manufacturers of board level active, passive, electromechanical, and display products.

Power Electronics

In the Power Electronic Products arena, we supply products that help customers supply, control, distribute or manage their system’s power – whether they choose to build a power supply from the ground up; or specify an integrated solution.

Thermal Management

The world of Thermal Management is of growing importance in the electronics industry. The Fusion Sourcing Group can help our customers manage their entire thermal path – whether that involves removing heat, adding heat; or simply managing heat.

Packaging & Interconnect

No product is complete without connecting the various pieces of the system and putting it in an enclosure (package). Our Packaging and Interconnect offering is designed to help fill this need.

User Interface Electronics

Our User Interface product offering does just as its name implies – allows the user to interface with the electronics – whether it be through a button, touch screen or other technology.

Embedded Systems

In response to the market trend of customers specifying components at increasingly higher level of integration, Fusion offers our Embedded Systems products – from single board computers to complete product assembly services.