Thermal Management Products

Polytronics Technology Corp. (PTTC) manufactures Thermal Management Products and Thermally Conductive Boards (TCB) for the LED markets, lighting markets, backlighting markets, power markets, automotive, motor controls, solar cells and motherboards. Polytronics Technology is here to help solve all of your modern electronic heat dissipation needs.


Thermally Conductive Materials

Polytronics’ Thermally Conductive Boards (TCB) are insulated metal substrate boards that provide the advantages of high thermal conductivity, reliability and superior thermal resistance over standard printed circuit boards (PCB’s).Based on our high performance ceramic polymer composite layer, combined with a base metal of aluminum or copper, along with various weights of copper foil, the laminated TCB boards are able to dissipate the heat generated by electronic devices with high efficiency.


We offer a complete line of thermal management products manufactured by PTTC. The Thermally Conductive Boards (TCB) come in different levels of thermal conductivity to fulfill all designer’s requirements. TCBs offer an economical option which allows for less complex designs and smaller devices.