Filtered connected products.

EMI Filter Solutions

EMI Solutions provides a variety of custom filter solutions to meet our customers’ needs including unique layout and designs with various filtering, grounding, and transient suppression. Our standard products can also be reconfigured to accommodate your needs or we can design a custom solution to meet most any EMI filtering challenge. 

EMI Solutions regularly designs and builds custom filters for many types of connectors including RF (BNC, BMA, N, SMA, etc.), Telecom/Ethernet (RJ45), and filtered pin headers.

EMI Filter Solutions

EMI Solutions provides a wide range of EMI filter inserts (Flex Filters) for your circular and D-sub connector needs. We offer custom configurations quickly and our filter inserts are available in small quantities to production volumes.

A lower cost alternative to EMI filtered connectors, our chip capacitor EMI flex filter inserts are designed to press into male connectors, reducing the higher frequency signals that pass through. The EMI filter inserts can be specified with various capacitances and are available in multiple shell sizes and pin configurations allowing for on-the-fly modifications to existing connectors.

EMI Filter Connectors

EMI Solutions offers a full range of standard and customized EMI Filtered connectors for an extensive range of applications such as Military Communications, Aerospace, C4 systems, and Power Distribution.

Our EMI filtered connectors offer the convenience and flexibility of standard configurations while offering unsurpassed EMI/EMC performance.

EMI Filter Modules

EMI filter modules - PI filtering-Inductive-Resistive-Capacitive- and more.EMI Solutions offers one of the most comprehensive line of custom EMI filter modules in the industry. We specialize in custom configurations for Military, Aerospace and Industrial applications and have immediate design assistance available.